Butter Cream wedding cakes with fresh flowers.

Order fresh flowers from us if we need to decorate with loose flowers or

Fresh  flowers can be ordered from your florist (in arrangements)


     sec1_2               Sec1_2 floral variation      sec1_5                sec1_14                    sec2_1                sec2_13                   


        sec2_29              Sec2_53variation            sec2_57                          sec2-57b                           sec2_117     


     Sec3_42                   sec3_43                     sec3_100                       sec3_22                         sec2_14              


Sec1_13                         sec2_117var2                Sec1_42               Sec1_8                           Sec1_42Variation        




      sec2_24                        Sec 2 # 109                 temp # Squares