Wedding Cakes Frosted and decorated with butter cream icing and

accented with either white chocolate and candy clay, or Rolled Fondant,

or Gum Paste Flowers. There is a substantial price increase for cakes in

this category. Click on picture to view larger image.



       sec1_31                                      sec3_35                                   sec3_46                        sec3_94B

white chocolate & candy clay         Rolled fondant Ivy            Rolled fondant falls&trees       White chocolate and candy clay



       sec3_94                                    sec3_98                               sec3_temp1                           Sec3_temp2

Wt chocolate & candy clay    Wt chocolate & candy clay       Rolled Fondant add on         1000 rolled fondant flowers



     Sec4_131b                                Sec4_14                          Sec3_63                         RI Spikes and fresh flowers

rolled fondant ad on                     Gum paste flowers      White Chocolate, Rolled Fondant

Sec 4 # 131b / colored fondant